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DeafDigest – 04 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 4, 2018


— easy way to find a job

A young deaf man needed a job. Where he lived, jobs were scarce.
His girl friend encouraged him to move out of the area and go to
another area where jobs were plentiful – even when when it meant
she would be seeing him less and less. He never bothered to seek
help of deaf social service agencies and employment agencies.
He simply walked on the job site and asked for a job and was
immediately hired (as an apprentice in construction trades).


— terrible hassle in watching a non-interpreted play

A deaf man, who loves theatrical plays, said it
was a terrible hassle to watch a non-interpreted
plays, and even non-captioned plays. He had to
use a small flashlight to read the script,
just to follow the action on the stage. If there
was a fake fist-fight on the stage, he would
risk missing that action, just to find out what
these dueling actors were saying!


— still a bad comment about deafness

DeafDigest editor saw this comment:

deafness was once a permanent disability with little hope of
living normally with, until the CI was invented

Yes, deafness is a permanent disaiblity but it does not
mean there is no hope. When the deaf people want to
succeed, they will.



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