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DeafDigest – 11 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 11, 2018


— past governor lost to a deaf man

Arnold Schwarzenegger is well known as action actor, past California
governor, professional bodybuilder, etc. He lost to a deaf man – Lou
Ferrigno for the role as Hulk in the TV series. Lou won because
he was bigger in size than Arnold! Both men are friends now,
but in the past, they were rivals.


— be careful when wearing a certain T-shirt design

A deaf man was wearing a deaf-theme T-shirt. A hearing
man didn’t like the T-shirt because he thought it was
gang-related. As a result the deaf man was assaulted.
The deaf man was not able to explain to the angry
hearing man that it was a deaf-theme and not a
gang-related theme. The hearing man was arrested
and sentenced to a term in prison; he previously
was never in trouble!


— research says 50 percent of deaf employees have been mocked by hearing

A research said 50 percent of deaf employees have been mocked
by hearing employees? True or not true? 50 percent or higher or
lower? Hard to say – but is it mocking if a hearing person mouths
“deaf mute” with someone else while talking about that deaf person
who happened to lipread that word?



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