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DeafDigest – 12 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 12, 2018


— a hearing person is anti-captions

A hearing person wrote in a newspaper editorial
that she is anti-captions. Her reasons – captions
interfere with voice dialogue; captions steal her
eyes from the film action; captions require
refocusing of eyes while watching the film;
captions interfere with the film movement;
captions cut off parts of the screen. Does
DeafDigest editor feel sorry for the hearing
woman? No – if the woman hates captions she
should look for non-captioned movies!



— seeing a trend; more flashing devices at work

Years ago, not too many work places had flashing
devices for the deaf. Deaf employees (office or
factory or garage, etc) just had to use their
eyes. There have been stories recently of
flashing devices on fork lifts for the benefit
of deaf operators, and of printing presses having
these devices for the benefit of deaf pressmen.
In a perfect world, all deaf work places are
fully outfitted with these flashing devices,
even at offices where deaf employees sit on their



— deaf apartment renters or deaf house owners

There was a survey, saying that more deaf people
rent apartments as opposed to buying homes.
Big reason is that buying a home is more complicated,
requiring use of interpreters to deal with realtors
and during the settlements. Renting an apartment
is less complicated. True or not true? Do not know.
But – buying a new car is almost just as complicated
as buying a new house (these hated paperwork moments)
yet there are many deaf people buying new cars!



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