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DeafDigest – 17 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 17, 2018


— another important Sears product for the deaf in the past

Yesterday’s DeafDigest mentioned an obsolete ear trumpet
in the 1903 Searsscatalog. There was another one – during the
early eighties – Closed Captioning Decoder Boxes. In
these days TV sets did not have built-in decoders, forcing
the deaf to buy decoder boxes. Sears made it available
for anyone that wanted it, thus making closed captioned
TV programs more popular.


— Subway customer’s creative solution to communications

Graham Wade, who is deaf, is a sandwich maker with
Subway in Port Aransas, Texas. He is the best sandwich
maker one could find. A regular customer, who admires
him, came up with something for him, a 2 by 4 poster of
many pictures of all Subway ingredients. A customer
would just point at the pictures, telling Graham
what he wanted in a sub! This has made Graham
an even better sandwich maker!


— Language activist says that interpreter not enough in court room

Zakeera Docrat, not deaf, is a language activist. She made this

All accused persons have a right to a fair trial and to be legally
represented. But can a legal representative defend the accused fully
when they communicate through an interpreter? No


This is her opinion. She is from Zaire. In USA we have Certified
Deaf Interpreters that do their best to make sure the accused
deaf understand the charges and accusations in the court room.
And for deaf people who do not understand sign language, there
are sign language experts that use gestures and body language
to try to get the point across to them. Not easy, though!


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