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DeafDigest – 18 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 18, 2018


— one of six Netflix movies that was a bad stink

There was a story today about six Netflix movies
that was a bad stink. That movie was Sierra
Burgess Is a Loser. It was a big surprise that
the movie stunk. Critics thought it would be
the best movie ever but it turned out to be
the worst movie ever. The plot was about
Sierra playing as a fake deaf girl so that
she would not have to talk at all. No one
liked that movie.



— high school ASL class students quickly become interpreters

A story in today’s newspaper said:

Students at one high school are taking their American Sign
Language abilities outside the classroom and using them to
interpret for the deaf


ASL students becoming interpreters without taking all
these certification exams? Most ASL students do not
really sign that well. Did the writer know what
he was writing about?


— a hearing-invented sign language

Hearing people inventing a sign language for the deaf? It
has happened in Bengkala, a small jungle village in Bali,
Indonesia. A group of natives are seventh-generation deaf.
To accommodate this deaf group, the hearing villagers have
invented their own sign language that everyone in the
village can use it to communicate with each other,
both hearing and deaf!



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