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DeafDigest – 19 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 19, 2018



— ASL as victim of language discrimination

A new phrase is language discrimination. It refers
to people looking down on ASL. North Carolina State
University was mentioned in the story about
language discrimination, saying that less than
50 of the 35,000 students register with the
Disability Resource Office as deaf and in need
of interpreters. While the story did not mention
it, one has to read between the lines in that
there are more students that are deaf but won’t
admit their need for interpreters and assistance.


— these impatient doctors

A research study said that many doctors lack patience,
and would rush things through with their patients
before moving on. This is scary for deaf patients
stuck with slow interpreter communications. By the
time the deaf patient understands, the doctor has
already left the examining room.


— a worry about our relay services

The FCC wants to reduce reimbursement rates
for text-based relay services. This is a worry
because many deaf users of relay servces rely
on text and not on videos. The impact can be
huge if text-based relay services close shop,
unable to deal with declining revenues.



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