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DeafDigest – 23 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 23, 2018


— Einstein’s deafness mystery

Many of us know that Thomas Edison, who became
deaf as a pre-teen, was the world’s greatest
inventor. How did he become deaf continues to
be a mystery. One version was a railroad accident.
Another version said train conductor was upset
about his secret chemical lab inside a railroad
car and hit him hard on the head. A third version
was ear infections and illnesses. Which version
is true? It was a big story today in one of the
on-line publications.


— a sign language club offers something other clubs don’t

The Idaho State University ASL club has offered something
that other high school and college sign language clubs
don’t. This club will be featuring open captioned
movies three times per week, not just for the benefit
of the university’s deaf students, but also for the
hearing students – and also the local deaf community!


— three big questions with captioning devices

A captioning advocate raised three questions regarding
captioning devices. Does the theater have enough devices
in stock during peak hours? Does the theater advertise
the availabiliy of these captioning devices. Last
question is – do they have a staffer that is trained
to set up these devices upon request? If not on either
of these questions, then that theater is not in
compliance with the ADA regulations.



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