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DeafDigest – 26 October 2018

— best Perogies in metro Pittsburgh area

Perogies, popular in Poland, is also popular in many
parts of USA. It is dumplings, often filled with
potatoes, but some are with sauerkraut, sweet
potatoes, cheese, etc. Deaf Perogies? Yes, Gosia’s
Pierogies located in Latrobe, PA, is deaf-owned and
most of kitchen people are deaf. Deaf husband-wife
team of Terry and Jan Smith-Rawecki, own and operate
this business. Their ingredients? Sorry, it is a
family secret, they said!


— big thumbs down from the deaf community

Hearing artist designed a mural that shows ASL
in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Deaf
Commuity unanimously thumbed it down, saying
the hearing artist knew nothing about finger
spelling and drew up the signs that were
wrongly shown. Big question – why was
a hearing artist, knowing ZERO about deaf,
given this assignment. There are many, many
talented deaf artists that can easily do the job!


— national deaf association operating a deaf school

Could National Association of the Deaf (NAD) operate a
deaf school? No, because NAD’s job is advocacy,
and while Deaf Education can be advocated, operating
the school is a different matter. Anyway one national
association operated a deaf school – the Singapore
Association for the Deaf operated the Singapore School
For The Deaf for a number of years. Unfortunately,
it closed up due to declining enrollment.



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