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DeafDigest – 29 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 29, 2018


— a sign language phrase we don’t understand

A British newspaper did a story on a person who
works at a deaf school as – communication practitioner.
What does that mean? Sign language instructor or
interpreter or oral speech teacher or what?


— earning a PhD in a field that was not in past dictionary

Audism is one of the newer words in the dictionary.
A newspaper story said that a person earned a doctorate
in Audism. This word means suppression of the deaf.
Would that doctorate lead to a career in Deaf Advocacy?


— Starbucks’ confession

When Starbucks opened its first sign language store
(not in Washington, DC, but in Malaysia) deaf people
were hired for jobs. But the management made a
confession that the deaf were hired for simple and
boring jobs – because they felt deaf people were not
capable of doing something better in Starbucks!
Since then, Starbucks has improved its attitude
towards deaf employees.




Deaf jobs – latest update

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