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DeafDigest – 30 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 30, 2018

— DeafDigest salutes pioneering deaf host of a TV show

Bernard Bragg has departed us. He was the face of Deaf
Entertainment in a long career that spanned 7 decades –
TV, film, stage, one-man shows, etc. One thing stood
out – he was the pioneering host of a hearing TV
program. During the late fifties/early sixties,
he hosted his own one-man TV show in San Francisco
– The Quiet Man which featured his mime movements.
It was the first time in history of TV that a
deaf person hosted his own TV show. Not wanting
to be typecast, he moved on to many different roles
in the entertainment world over the years and decades.


— hiring a bad interpreter at own risk

A Michigan medical facility hired a bad interpeter
to interpret for deaf parents while their child
was in the hospital. The interpreting was so bad
that the parents sued. The hospital won and the
parents appealed. The Michigan Court of Appeals
panel ruled in favor of deaf parents. This
should be a lesson – do not hire a bad interpreter!
DeafDigest editor knows from too many personal
experiences with bad interpreters.


— deaf-blind resident not allowed to enter main entrance of hwe condo

A New Jersey condo association would not allow a deaf-blind
woman to enter the main entrance. Reason is her service dog.
She has filed a lawsuit, with the assistance of the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.



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