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DeafDigest – 31 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 31, 2018


— strict rules on captions

A federal agency established strict rules for captions:

1. Captions must have perfect spelling and perfect grammar.

2. Captions must show same words that are spoken, cannot
change it around.

3. Captions must be easily read with right color background.

The federal agency will closely supervise these captions.


Finally, FCC listening to our demands? No, sorry! It is the
Federal Telecommunications Institute in Mexico!



— a sad irony with text 911

A newspaper story today said that just a few police
dispatch centers in USA can handle text 911 calls, and
pointed out a cruel irony. Everyone can send tweets,
facebook postings and chat all the time in group
chats. Yet text 911 technology is not there in
every call center! Why?


— easily remembering a deaf Uber driver

Two hearing passengers entered Uber car driven
by a deaf driver. Shocked, but needing a quick
ride, theese passengers just sat in the car,
hoping there were no communication problems.
The deaf driver simply texted on his iPhone,
asking if they were the correct passengers
and that the destination was correct. When
the two passengers nodded yes, the deaf driver
twice Thumbed Up as to say – perfect. These
hearing passengers felt bad that they didn’t
know the signs for Thank You!



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