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DeafDigest – 06 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 6, 2018


— the perfect interpreter

What is a perfect interpreter? It is the
interpreter that is “invisible” – doing the
job so perfectly that neither the hearing
person and the deaf person would notice him!
The perfect interpreter is never part of the


— a hearing actor turns down a fake-deaf role

How many hearing actors would turn down a fake-
deaf role? One did – Nikhil (last name not known)
turned down a deaf role, saying he would not do a
good job playing a fake-deaf role. Unfortunately,
the casting director found another hearing actor
willing to do this fake-deaf role. It took place
in Bollywood, which is India’s version of our


— ASL as a complete or incomplete language

Many deaf people say that ASL provides a complete
language of words, ideas and thoughts. Philippe Schlenker,
the linguist at New York University disagrees, and
wrote his views in the Theoretical Linguistics
publication which is read by linguists everywhere.
He said that are always limitations to what
sign language can express. Is he right or
wrong? DeafDigest won’t go into it because
no one wins and no one loses in this possibly
heated debate!



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