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DeafDigest – 12 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 12, 2018


— being stared at

A young deaf woman who works at a fast food restaurant
said patrons often stare at her hearing aid. She
hated being stared but has gotten used to it.


— bad law in Florida

In Florida, if a deaf person owns a condo and requests
interpreter at association meetings, the law
(Florida Statues Section 720.303(2)(a), says the
association is not required to provide an interpreter!
The law only requires that association provide physical
accessibility, but not interpreter accesibility.
What about Fair Housing Act? What about ADA?
This is why we have too many attorneys that
specialize in Disability Rights.


— fake-deaf requesting an interpreter

Police arrested a burglar. He was taken to the
courtroom. This burglar requested a sign language
interpreter. Everyone felt the burglar was faking
his deafness, and his request was turned down.
He filed an appeal and again it was turned down.



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