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DeafDigest – 14 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 14, 2018


— deaf person does not want captions

A deaf woman, whose husband is hearing, wrote a letter
a newspaper editor, saying she does not want captions
on movies and TV. Even worse, she would not ask her
hearing husband what the story and the dialogue is
all about. She was afraid that hearing people would
be bothered by unwanted captions!


— deaf filmmaker has many roles

Hollywood hires many different people for many different
roles in making a movie. With Deaf Films, a deaf filmmaker
does everything himself – writing, directing, producing,
casting, starring in the film, marketing, publicity
and making personal film appearances. This is why
perfectly shown deaf films are amazing.


— rubella possibly coming back

Rubella is a disease that often causes deafness in
babies. It comes back, goes away and then comes back
and so on – possibly in 15-20 year cycles.
When rubella hits hard, it results in higher
enrollment among deaf children in deaf education
programs. Right now it is hitting Japan hard,
meaning it may spread across the globe.



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