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DeafDigest – 16 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 16, 2018


— non-ASL body langauge

What is non-ASL body language? It is the way people
write, drink, and walk. And even sitting positions,
eyebrow movements, shoulder movements and so on.
This topic was written up in a story today. Not
easy, during a business meeting where comments
are so quick across the table that even interpreters
and deaf participants have problems keeping up with!



— hearing comedian is scolded for mocking the deaf

Deaf celebrity Nyle DiMarco scolded comedian Dane
Cook for mocking the deaf. Dane hinted that deaf
people wake up late for work due to inability
to hear the alarm. After Nyle scolded him,
Dane quickly removed his tweet!


— two years to set up closed-captioned scoreboard

The New York Red Bulls professional soccer team
has added closed captions to its scorebaord at
Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, NY, not too far from
New Jersey Turnpike. But before putting up closed
captions, it took two years of research, survey
and discussions. This bothers DeafDigest. Why
two years? If everyone agrees the scoreboard
should be closed captioned, then great, but
why two very long years before it finally happens?



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