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DeafDigest – 20 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 20, 2018


— best past interpreters vs best today interpreters

Which interpreters are the best? Past interpreters
or today’s interpreters? No answer because best
past interpreters are same as best today’s interpreters.
Reason for bringing this up is because some today’s
interpreters are called Rock Stars. No one, in the
past, have called them Rock Stars! There was no media
(facebook, twitter, video coverage, etc) that have covered
past interpreters. Hearing people, who know no ASL
but are fascinated with hand movements, gestures and
facial expressions, have called them Rock Stars.
This is unfair to past interpreters that worked so
hard for so many hours to make the deaf understand
the hearing voice.


— popular TV programs of past years

In the past, the most popular TV programs were Wonder Woman,
The Bionic Woman, The Blues Brothers. These programs had
one thing in common – action filled with stunts. Performing
these stunts was a deaf woman, who passed away recently –
Kitty O’Neil. She also performed stunts on other TV
programs that we have forgotten all about!


— ADA, yes, but deaf not consulted about it

What good is ADA if deaf advisors have not been
consulted about it? Hearing planners of big
events decide what is best for the deaf – without –
asking the deaf first! This was the issue that
deaf advocates have been complaining for years.



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