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DeafDigest – 22 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 22, 2018

— behind the scenes on TV and radio programs

Jim Cramer is well known for his “Mad Money”
TV program as well as for his “Real Money”
radio program. A professional deaf investor
contributes material that Jim depends on for
some of his comments on both programs. If
you disagree with Cramer’s “comments” just
be aware it may have come from a deaf man!


— dance teacher said deaf cannot dance!

We have quite a few skilled deaf dancers.
One of them appeared on a national televised
dance program (no, it wasn’t Nyle DiMarco).
Yet recently, a dance instructor told a deaf
dancer that deaf people cannot dance and
refused to accept her into the dance program.
The rejected deaf dancer joined another dance
group that welcomed her with open arms.


— winning the “Sign of the Year” honor

Alain Berset, not deaf, is the President of
Switzerland. He is bald. The deaf people
in Switzerland, have created a sign to
identify their own President; it is a
sign that indicates his baldness. Yes, it
is all in good humor, and it was voted
as the winner of the Swiss Sign of the Year.



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