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DeafDigest – 23 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 23, 2018


— a comment about deafness being fixed

A web posting had this comment that all
deaf people can have their deafness fixed.
True? No – deaf people that are stone-deaf
cannot have their hearing fixed.



— big burden on deaf actor in a Shakespeare play

A deaf actor said performing in a Shakespearian
play was more of a burden as compared to a regular
play. He had to understand the meaning of the lines
first. The he had to adjust the lines to sign
language and to mix it up with mime and
body language for the benefit of the mixed
hearing/deaf audience. He said it is very
different from regular plays.


— fancy wine at fancy restaurants

There are deaf people that love great wines.
This brings a big question. At great restaurants
that serve great wines, there are sommeliers
whose job is to advise patrons on which wines
that should order to match up perfectly with
the meals they have ordered. Sommeliers
would recommend a wine and would explain
why it is the best. That may take as much
as 5-10 minutes. Would these sommeliers
have patience communicating with deaf
patrons on the wines they should order?


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