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DeafDigest – 26 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 26, 2018


— a problem with captioned glasses

A frequent user of Captioned Glasses said there
is a problem – must find the perfect spot
on the glasses between captions and the
movie action. It takes quite a lot of balancing
out, the deaf user said.


— fire fighting forensics

Many deaf people are not allowed to fight fires
even though a few volunteer fire departments
welcome deaf fire fighters. What about fire
forensics – trying to solve the cause of fires?
There is one – Wendy Read, a deaf British
woman who is a member of her fire department
Research and Intelligence team.


— Legal Aid for deaf clients

For years the Legal Aid office in Jacksonville, Florida
had a special program for deaf clients that need
legal assistance. Times have changed; deaf clients
that need legal assistance must see private attorneys.
Reason is that funding for Legal Aid offices depend
on interest income from special state funds. When
interest rates go down, Legal Aid offices may cut
services. Not sure if it is Jacksonville’s problem
or a problem that hits all Legal Aid offices in USA.


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