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DeafDigest – 27 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 27, 2018


— an overlooked deaf election winner

DeafDigest mentioned that Matthew Sampson, who is deaf,
won a seat with the District of Columbia Advisory
Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Overlooked was another
deaf winner, Robb Dooling. But as a matter of
cruel irony, they could not attend the ANC
meetings because of lack of interpreters!
They are very angry about it and are kicking up
a big storm, scaring these local government
officials into doing something.


— debate about science and law

On a web-based law site, there was a discussion
about science and law. Deafness was mentioned as
an example. It said that if deaf parents do not
hear their child screaming and needing help
because of a serious injury, then is it
parental abuse? DeafDigest says no. Deaf parents
have successfully raised hearing children for
centuries and many ages.


— Brexit and Deaf Brexit

If and when Brexit takes place, what is going to
happen to European deaf? Can they easily travel
to Great Britain and can British deaf travel
easily to anywhere in Europe? European Union
requires accommodations for the disabled and
the deaf. Will Brexit leave it alone or
destroy these set of accommodations? There is
already a discussion on one deaf-based web



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