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DeafDigest – 30 November 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 30, 2018


— good fortune for a scammed deaf couple

Malcolm Wilcox and Delwin Slade wanted home improvement
work on their house. They were scammed by fake-builders
that promised to rebuild, but ran away with their money.
This sad story was reported in the media. To their
surprise, a local TV program on home building featured
them – money poured in from the public. Right now there
is enough money to do a complete rebuild that was
promised them in the first place. It happened in
Great Britain.


— amazing deaf-blind participant

Jason Ruggirello, who is deaf-blind, plays pool
as a member of his team in the Mid-Michigan American
Pool Players Association. He is not the best
player in the league, but is #1 player when it
comes to inspiring all the participating pool
players, all of them hearing.


— elected public official insults the deaf

Charley Martin, not deaf, was a long time
Bucks County (Pennsylvania) Commissioner.
He may not seek reelection. Way back in
2010, a hearing took place to evaluate
the costs of interpreters in the Bucks
County Court. He thought it was a joke
when he said that instead of hiring
interpreters, these deaf people should
have their hearing tested first before
they enter the court system!



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