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DeafDigest – 11 December 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 11, 2018

— Skype can be turned on to watch captions

People have complained that Skype has become
difficult to turn on to watch captions.
It was announced that turning on captions has
become easier with Skype, even permanently.


— deaf waiters said to read facial expressions

A newspaper story said deaf waiters are able to
take orders from hearing patrons by reading
tbeir facial expressions. Does DeafDigest
believe it? No, but this is what the newspaper,
in China, said.


— Hacking to help the deaf

Major League Hacking is an organization that teaches
hackers to create hacking ideas for good purposes
(not evil purposes). This organization hosts
hacking events at selected colleges. One hacking
team won first place for their hacking project –
to help the deaf create emoci that would
show emotions while watching a video or a show.



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