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DeafDigest – 12 December 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 12, 2018

— Gallaudet helped DC’s A. Litteri

A. Litteri is DC’s #1 deli sub shop. Each day at
noon, lines are long at the sub counter.
It all started years ago when Silvestri brothers
(the late Todd and Toselli, born in Philadelphia
area and attending Gallaudet), were frustrated
in not finding a good sub shop. At that
time A. Litteri was just an Italian grocery
store. The brothers demanded Italian subs
and convinced the reluctant owner to make these
for them. Word got around; many Gallaudetians
came over and wanted these same subs. This
influenced A. Litteri to set up a sub counter
in the rear of the grocery store. Business
boomed, and this deli shop is a DC landmark.
There is a Gallaudet banner in front of the sub
counter. Most patrons, however, are hearing.


— “Forged in Fire” to feature a deaf blacksmith

DeafDigest mentioend Norman “Buddy” Thomas,
who is deaf and is a skilled knife maker.
He will be on the “Forged in Fire” TV
program on the History Channel at
9 p.m. Wednesday, December 12th. If you
miss that program, there are always


— deaf films require bigger scenes

A deaf filmmaker said that when deaf films are
being shot, it is important to have a big
scene – that must show the face, the hands
and the body language. It is different with
hearing films when faces could only be shown!



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