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DeafDigest – 13 December 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 13, 2018


— driving 30 miles each way to eat fast food

Would anyone drive 30 miles each way from home
to a fast food place and then back home?
Yes, in the case of Dal’s Poke in Langley, British
Columbia. The chef/owner, Dalong Houang is deaf, and
in a newspaper story, he said he has many deaf
patrons that come from Vancouver.


— a special TV party

Yesterday’s DeafDigest said that a deaf knife maker would
be on last night’s Forged in Fire TV competition.
Norman “Buddy” Thomas hosted a TV watch party so that
his friends would know who won. Keep in mind, Thomas
was bound to secrecy and could not tell his friends
who won – these episides are televised months in
advance. This meant Thomas had to keep his mouth
shut during these months!


— Coda medical student has a goal

Luke Johnson, a Coda, a medical student at
University of Washington School of Medicine,
has a goal. When he gets his medical degree
he wants to serve the deaf and the underserved.
This is a great goal.



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