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DeafDigest – 02 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 2, 2019


— Five hours of flight with no movie subtitles

Nyle DiMarco sent out an angry tweet. He tweeted:

My 5hr flight had no subtitles


The guilty airline is United.



— 30 percent of hearing people think deaf can do the job

According to a survey, 30 percent of hearing people
think deaf people can do the job either equal to or
better than hearing employees. DeafDigest declares
that a high percentage of the deaf employees are better
workers than hearing employees.



— Facebook accused of deaf discrimination

Facebook discrimination? Facebook was accused of
accepting postings from realtors, that said apartments
are not welcoming of deaf tenants. Facebook has
denied allowing discriminatiory statements. HUD
is looking into these issues.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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