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DeafDigest – 03 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 3, 2019

— budget cuts were hidden

DeafDigest mentioned twice that the White House wanted to
cut the budgets of Gallaudet and NTID. It was realized that
these budget cuts were hidden inside the thick budget
printouts. One had to be a financial detective to catch
these budget cuts. DeafDigest understands that both
institutions, their friends and their supporters plan
to wage a full scale battle against the White House
budget people.



— to hire an interpreter or to teach ASL or to write notes

What is the best way – to hire an interpreter or to teach ASL
to employees or to write notes? In a newspaper interview
an employer had three choices – and he chose to have his
employees learn sign language to deal with deaf customers.
Just hope the ASL is good because bad ASL will turn off
deaf customers.


— a bullied deaf employee and a big decision

A deaf employee was bullied at her hearing workplace.
She had to make a big decision – to keep her mouth
shut and to remain employed or to file a protest with
her employer. It is a decision no deaf employee
wants to make. A third decision is to quit the job
and to find a deaf-friendly workplace. These
three decisions are never easy to make.



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