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DeafDigest – 04 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 4, 2019

— advice for restaurant general managers

There was a story today that was titled:

D.C. Restaurants Could Do More to Welcome Diners With Disabilities

Well, for the deaf diners, yes, they could always point to the
menu for their preferences. This is only one part of the
solution. The other parts are “daily specials” that waiters
don’t like to write it out. All the restaurants could do is
to print out these specials and attach these to the menu.
Some restaurants do, some don’t. Plus another thing –
questions such as “do you want your meat to be well done
or not?” are often not asked of deaf diners.


— big question for deaf that seek jobs

Deaf people that seek jobs are aware of ADA and
the need for interpeters. One big issue remains –

are they qualified for the jobs that they seek?

If they are qualified, great. Many unqualified
job seekers (no matter deaf or hearing) apply
for jobs that they are not qualified for, hoping
they would “grow” into their jobs, picking up
experience and knowledge. Unqualified employees
cause so much grief for themselves, for their
employers and for their fellow employees!


— deaf lipreaders or hearing lipreaders

There was a story today of a movie “The Tango
of the Widower” filmed in 1967 but never
finished nor shown in public. There was no
money in the budget to put in sound. The
old film, collecting dust, was discovered
recently. The production company, re-working
the film, hired lipreaders to try to put in
correct voice dialogue. Did the company
hire deaf lipraders or hearing lipreaders?
ADA? The movie was filmed in Chile.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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