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DeafDigest – 05 April 2019

— photoshopping upsets TV audience

EastEnders is #1 TV sitcom in Great Britain.
Actor Max Bowden played the role of Ben Mitchell,
wearing a hearing aid in these series. Suddenly
no more hearing aid. The national audience was
upset, wondering why the hearing aid disappeared.
It never did disappear. It was photoshopped to make
it hidden.


— Deaf safety at airports

A web article was titled – Safety First at Seaports and
Airports, stressing that flashing alarm systems need to be
used at all airports. There are a number of deaf people
working at airports – and if there were no flashing alarm
systems they would not be alerted to dangers around them.


— railroads and subways still not fully accessible

A deaf person was riding the subway, reading a book
and not aware of what was going on. The PA alerted
the passengers to get off immediately. The deaf
person did not know about it. The subway doors closed
and the train moved ahead towards emergency rail
tracks with the deaf person still inside it.
Fortunately a subway worker saw the deaf person
and ordered the subway engineer to back track
(in reverse) so that the deaf person could get off.



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