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DeafDigest – 08 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 8, 2019

— more to ASL than just fingerspelling

Fingerspelling was never consdeered to be ASL.
A newspaper story desscribed ASL as ability
to use both hands, to use facial expressions
and to use body language, and to use face
movements – all at the same time.


— a deaf participant in an impossible sport

Maxim76 is deaf (real name is not known) and
he has been ranked as one of the top players
in Overwatch. Not sure if it is a sport or not
but it has become more popular. Impossible
sport for deaf? One has to hear voice chats,
one has to listen for sound clues, one has
to hear for warnings, etc. Impossible?
To Maxim76, it is not impossible.


— deaf waiter with his tricks

A deaf waiter who has no speech and lipreading
skills has his bag of tricks. He comes to the
tables with coded cards of different colors.
The diners point out to these cards, indicating
their meal choices including ketchup or no
ketchup, doneness of the meat, spices or no
spices, etc. These diners leave the table
happy and they tip him accordingly.



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