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DeafDigest – 09 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 9, 2019

— deaf play smarter than hearing

DeafDigest mentioned that one of the best Overwatch
players in the world is deaf, considered to be amazing
since one must hear to play well. Another deaf gamer
said it is a matter of playing smarter than hearing,
many of whom only depend on sounds and do not plan
game strategy ahead of time.


— after hiring the deaf, the business goes double

Rebeckah Reichert, who is deaf, is a hairstylist with
a salon in Peru, Indiana. She always wanted to be a
hairstylist but no one would hire her. The owner
of a hairstyling salon in Peru went ahead and hired
her and helped set up videos to help hearing
women select the hairtstyling they wanted. As a
result the business doubled, and it has helped that
many deaf women go to her to have their hair fixed.


— the hearing financial adviser and the deaf client

Should the deaf seek deaf financial advisors, yet as
long as they are qualified and are certified? Yes. But
there is not enough of them around. A hearing financial
advisor recently counseled a deaf couple, and there
was a lot of nervousness on both sides. The advisor
thought of ways to clearly communicate with the
deaf couple – and felt that using the blank Word
app on the computer was the best; they could key
in back and forth. When it all ended, the deaf woman
told the advisor that they saw five different advisors
in the past and that he was the best!



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