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DeafDigest – 11 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 11, 2019

— deaf film vs deaf film

Which deaf film (both by Netflix is better –
The Silence or A Quiet Place. According to a
film magazine article by a film critic,
The Silence is much worse!


— the voice of a late-deafened actress

Do late-deafened people still keep their
hearing voice after becoming deaf?
Hearing people say the voice changes
and they would know it is a deaf-voice,
though very understandble, and not
a hearing-voice. A voice example would be
late-deafened actress Amanda McDonough
(Switched at Birth).


— deaf actress gives up a deaf role

When there is a casting call for a deaf
role, deaf actors and actresses would
fight for it. In the case of Jameela Jamil,
a deaf British actress, she gave up
an opportunity to play a deaf role.
She said:

They should find a brilliant deaf woman to
play that role, and not to be greedy
about it.

This comment is rather unusual.



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