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DeafDigest – 15 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 15, 2019

— Rimac Automobiles hires a deaf engineer

Croatia only has one deaf engineer – Josip Ivankovi;
impressed with his grades and efforts, Rimac
Automobiles has hired him; his job is to work on
computers in cars. Rimac? It is considered to be
one of these European “super cars.” Is he the
only deaf automotive engineer in the world?
Do not know.






— wheelchair is automatic response in many airports

Few weeks ago, Nyle DiMarco, a very healthy,
and athletic looking deaf dancer/model
was offered a wheelchair at an airport.
Of course, he was insulted as much as all other
able-bodied deaf people would be. An advocate
said that many airport personnel, immediately
seeing a deaf passenger, would automatically
offer wheelchairs without even thinking
about it. The same goes for a waitress,
upon seeing a deaf diner, offering Braille
menus without even thinking about it!



— fake-deaf film almost got into lawsuit

Deaf films, or or even fake-deaf films,
getting into lawsuits? Not sure if it has
ever happened, but there was a lawsuit
threat with one fake-deaf film. “The Silence”
was accused of “copying” the “A Quiet Place”
film (both Netflixes, by the way). As a result,
angry “A Quiet Place” people talked of filing
a lawsuit against “The Silence” people.
Eventually tempers cooled; probably the Netflix
people interceded, not wanting one film group
to be suing another film group under its own



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