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DeafDigest – 16 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 16, 2019

— knew everything about the Old West and the cowboys

Joe De Yong, who passed away in 1975, was an expert
on stories and tales of the Old West, Native Americans
and the cowboy life. Film directors that needed advice
on producing Old West movies went to see him. He drew
many pictures and wrote many articles – all about the
Old West. De Yong was deaf, but it didn’t stop him
from being a worldwide authority on the life in the
Old West.


— praises and expectations

The Mozzeria, the deaf-owned pizza restaurant
in the heart of San Francisco, has been
praised in a magazine article for hiring
the deaf. The magazine also said that
it could help lower the 70 percent
underemployment and employment rate
among the deaf. Is 70 percent underemployment
rate correct? Yes; many deaf people are
underemployed though being employed. Is 70
percent unemployment rate correct? Well,
DeafDigest editor tends to challenge
such stats!


— angry TV viewers and the weather forecast

TV viewers hate it when emergency weather
captioned streamings interrupt the program they
are watching. Most of these agnry people
do not realize the FCC rules require such
weather warning interruptions – no matter if
a Tiger Woods was on the verge of finally
winning a major golf championship in so
many years.



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