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DeafDigest – 18 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 18, 2019

— pet peeve of a Washington, DC deaf resident

DeafDigest editor, a resident of Washington, DC,
has been often asked by acquaintances if he has
visited the Gallaudet Starbucks. For him, this
visit requires a drive (and finding a parking spot)
or a bus ride or a subway/trolley ride. There
are two Starbucks very close to the his home. Coffee
lovers would rather walk, and not drive just for
a quick morning coffee. Yes, Gallaudet Starbucks is
perfect for deaf tourists, but not for locals.


— Six Tucson assisted living facilities being sued

Many deaf retired people move to Arizona. DeafDigest
hopes they are aware that some assisted living facilities
discriminate against the deaf. For that reason,
six of these facilities in the Tucson area have been
sued because of discrimination. The agency filing
the lawsuit is the Southwest Fair Housing Council.
Sad to say, DeafDigest knows of some individuals that
sell their long time houses to make the move only
to face disappointment!


— struggling to understand high level interpreted meetings

A deaf professional was given an interpreter while attending
a staff meeting where budgets, high dollar amounts, and
other business and economic phrases were casually thrown in.
An example was – “land readjustment project” phrase that
the interpreter didn’t know how to interpret. A CART
system failed to help him. A combination interpeter/CART
system also failed. They are still struggling for a perfect
way for the deaf person to follow.



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