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DeafDigest – 25 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 24-25, 2019

— written agreement to refuse an interpreter

A deaf woman lost her case when she signed
papers with a hospital to allow her hearing
sister to function as interpreter instead of
using a certified interpreter. The woman
said she was forced to sign papers but it
hurt her in the court case. Not sure why
she signed papers but it was a bad advice
the hospital gave her.


— Skype not allowed for the deaf

Deaf people are not allowed to use Skype
because it is against the law in one
nation – the United Arab Emirates.
Hearing people are also not allowed, but
it hurts the deaf more. Leaders are
trying to have the government lift
the Skype ban.


— problems with subtitles in foreign films

Deaf people depend on subtitles to watch
foreign films (the same goes for captions).
There was a big story about subtitle translators
fighting each other, not agreeing with each
other on words correctly or incorrectly subtitled.
It has gotten to be so bad that two organizations
are asking for better cooperation among professional
subtiters. Are there such problems among
captioners in USA? Don’t know.


note: There was no 4/24/19 edition. DeafDigest
was in the process of migrating from an old
server to a new server – to make reading a
better and faster experience for all of you.
Thank you for your patience.


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