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DeafDigest – 30 April 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 30, 2019

— hatred of noise

Hearing people hate noise; also deaf people
that wear hearing aids and CI’s. That means
deaf people, not wearing hearing aids and
CI’s, are not bothered by noise? Not really.
Interpreters hate noise; captioners hate
noise. When noise happens to them, then
it affects the deaf! So, we all hate
noise, no matter if we are deaf or


— oops, a fact or a fib

Village Cinemas, a movie theater, showing Avengers,
advertised it as open captioned. It was never shown as
captioned, thus disappointing 40 deaf people that
showed up. The manager sort of said, oops – it was
a scheduling error. Telling the truth or just fibbing
to cover it up? It took place in Melbourne in
Australia, which does not have ADA.


— police incident; deaf know nothing

A deaf husband and a deaf wife were sleeping
when there was gunfire near their apartment.
They didn’t hear it; they were not harmed;
they knew nothing about it – until a neighbor
told them about it the next morning. There was
no warning device alerting them of such noises.
Their apartment had a fire alarm, but which is
for fires and nothing else. Did the landlord
break the state law about it? No, at least
in Colorado which said the landlord followed
the state law (on fire alarms only) and not
on different other noises.



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