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DeafDigest – 08 May 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 8, 2019

— new ideas for deaf sending emergency 911 texts

A group of deaf people told the director of
the Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch
(South Carolina) that they would be comfortable
sending a picture of an accident and the location
of the accident instead of having to key in these
words. The director said it was a great
idea and is hoping the photo-sending could be
part of the next 911-text generation.


— not setting up funds for interpreters in budgets

Many deaf people are members of the Home Owners’
Associations (HOA). Board of directors of HOA’s
are responsble for setting up budgets to
fund operations and activities. How many of
these HOA’s (with deaf owners) would set up
funds in the budgets for interpreters?
Probably very few, or possibly none! And
when deaf people demand interpreters, there
is no money in the budget. This has led to
some cases of bitternesses between the
deaf and the HOA boards.


— free lance deaf fashion designer

Fashion design is a competitive, cut-throat business.
Not easy to find a full time job in this field, but
for Farah Nadhirah Kordy, a deaf Pakistan woman,
she found a different way towards success. She
became a free lancer, traveling to different
nations – Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey,
Singapore, Indonesia, Belgium, Thailand and India
and was able to get these free lance designing
jobs. While these jobs were not full time, she
was able to earn income from these assignments.



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