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DeafDigest – 05 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 5, 2019

— big reason Coda kids should not be parents’ interpreters

A deaf woman witnessed a terrible scene where a 15-year
old Coda girl was forced to interpret for her deaf father
who was in a hospital. There was no interpreter around
and the hospital “forced” the Coda girl to interpret.
The doctor said that father, because of his illness,
only had a short time to live. The Coda girl had an
emotional breakdown that required medical attention
for a week.


— Modern Language Association says ASL classes still popular

The Modern Language Association said that student enrollment
in different languages have decreased, or in other words,
less popular. It also said that ASL classes are as popular
as ever.


— an unusual voice radio show

Jon Smith, who is deaf with no real speaking skills,
will be hosting his own radio show as a special
guest. He is doing the show with an interpreter.
It is taking place in Great Britain. Well, deaf
people cannot listen to an interpreted radio
show – unless they have interpreters with them!



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