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DeafDigest – 06 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 6, 2019

— more nervous

Who was more nervous during a job interview with
an interpreter? The deaf person applying for the
job or the employer interviewing him? They both
were equally nervous – but it ended up great as
the deaf person was hired and the employer was
happy with the good work by that deaf person!


— dead deaf community 20 years ago

Twenty years ago a deaf community was dead –
no deaf clubs, no deaf activities, no deaf
social services, few deaf people that could
use sign language, and pretty much isolated.
Things have improved nowadays – in Northern


— teaching self sign language

Could a hearing person, teaching self a sign
language, become an expert with it? DeafDigest
has doubts but Michelle Bolsonaro, who is not
deaf, has been using signs in church services
as well as interpreting political speeches.
Does she understand sign language nuances
and dialects? Does she understand responses
from the deaf?



Deaf jobs – latest update

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