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DeafDigest – 11 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 11, 2019

— handcuffing a deaf person

A deaf person is caught committing a crime. The
police handcuffs this deaf person – but should
the deaf person be handcuffed behind his back or
in front of him? It is always a hot issue; advocates
say deaf person must always be handcuffed in front
of him so that he could communicate in ASL despite
both wrists tied to each other. Well, in Kenya,
there is a new policy – to handcuff the deaf person
in front of him. What if the deaf person get
violent using his front handcuffs as a new weapon?


— Professor Calculus

The first Tintin Comic book edition (1930) was sold
for $1.12 million in an auction. Tintin Comics was
considered to be one of the best comic books in
the world. Anyway, one of the comic characters
in Tintin – Professor Calculus was deaf!


— SWCID no more

SWCID (Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf)
is no more! The college has changed its name to
South West College for the Deaf. Any difference?
Just two words – from Collegiate to College and
Institute, removed. Does it make any difference?
No – just that SWCID is now SWCD!


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