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DeafDigest – 13 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 13, 2019

— alerting the emergency first responders

A concerned mother, of a 10-year old deaf girl,
came up with an idea. The mother attached a
sign to the daughter’s seat belt, showing
just one word – DEAF. That way, in case
of accidents, first responders would immediately
know of the victim’s deafness.


— most horrible experience

Ask many deaf people this question:

What was your most horrible experience?

Many of them would say – trying to order
food at the drive-in window. And even if
the order gets through, trying to lip
read their question – such as:

Do you want ketchup with it?


— won’t hire an employee

The Forbes Magazine ran an article titled
Why I Won’t Hire You (And What You Can Do About It).
It was in reference to hearing applicants, but
for all practical purposes it can also be referred
to deaf applicants.

A hearing applicant would be disappointed and
move on.

A deaf applicant would be disappointed and
file ADA job discrimination lawsuit.

A joke? No.



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