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DeafDigest – 14 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 14, 2019

— not enough captioners

Are the Americans lacking in professional captioners
that do real-time captions on our TV programs?

There was a newspaper stor that said:

captioners: An Under-Marketed Profession

This would mean no one really knows about captioning
as a profession for those that are seeking great


— boom in deaf people with doctorates

Way back in the 1980’s, the number of deaf people
earning doctorates were a few. University of
Southern Maine did a survey and said right now
we have 700 deaf people all over the world
with doctorates. DeafDigest is interested in
knowing how many were profoundly deaf and
use ASL and still earn doctorates?



— getting more deaf people in the nursing profession

Deaf nurses in hospitals? Why not! Pushing for more
qualified deaf nurses is The Independence Center
which hosts its own Certified Nursing Assistant
program in Colorado Springs, CO with interpreters.
ASL-signing nurses is what deaf patients desperately need.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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