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DeafDigest – 17 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 17, 2019

— deaf person tells hospital administrators what to do

A deaf person, with an interpreter at a private conference
told the hospital administrators on how to improve
the deaf-doctor communications and relationships.
The deaf person gave the administators a long list,
and most important thing on the list is to dump
the VRI services and to hire human interpreters.


— deaf flag on cart

When deaf people shop for groceries at a huge
supermarket, is it necessary for them to get
a flag posted on their cart – telling the
store personnel that they are deaf? This is
what one national supermarket chain is trying
to do. DeafDigest editor personally does not
like the flag, and if he is looking for something
that he cannot find, he will ask a floor employee
to locate it for him.


— only 3 deaf people showed up

In a small town, there was a big campaign to have
the local movie theater show open captioned movies.
The big day came up – and despite great publicity,
only three deaf people showed up. Not only it was
a big embarrassment but the theater owner lost
money when angry hearing movie goers refused to
come and watch the movie!



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