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DeafDigest – 21 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 21, 2019

— the .005 percent

The Delaware County (Ohio) 911 dispatch center
received 46,069 text calls. Just 246 of these
calls were text messages. Talking about
percentages, these text messages were .005
percent, meaning half of one percent. DeafDigest
worries that inexperienced operators, despite
hours of training, may stumble on these rare text
calls, thus wasting valuable time. Just hope
it never happens.


— budget cut means one less interpreter for university

What is happening to Wichita State University could
happen to other universities. The university said their
numbers of deaf students have increased but they
lost one interpreter due to lack of funds. The
interpreter was lost despite this position being
certified as legally-mandated! Said the university:

must find another way to find funds for the

Will they? Hope so, for the sake of these deaf


— lack of proof

Many deaf people complain about being discriminated.
These stories are true – but with one big problem,
it is all talk, but with no proof! They must
document these cases of discrimination. Yes, it
helps that the iPhone videos are accepted as
documentation. Still, the deaf people need more
documentation than just iPhone only!


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