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DeafDigest – 28 June 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 28, 2019

— a new Deaf Pizza chain

A restaurant chain means two or more restaurants
owned by one company. Mozzeria, a deaf-owned
pizzeria based in San Francisco, will be setting
up its second restaurant – on H Street, NE in
Washington, DC within easy walking distance
of  Gallaudet University. It will open up
next year. DeafDigest hopes Mozzeria will
succeed because restaurant wars can be
extremely competitive and brutal!


— deaf participant in The Amazing Race

Amy De Domenico, who is deaf, will be taking
part in The Amazing Race, shown on TV.
Unfortunately it is in Canada, as the name
of the race is The Amazing Race Canada.
We are still waiting for our first deaf
participant in USA’s The Amazing Race.


— A judge with zero knowledge of ADA

A metro court judge in Albuquerque, NM
has this zero knowledge of ADA. He twice
refused an interpreter request from a deaf
woman that was in the court for a civil issue.
The judge is now facing a discrimination
law suit. Guess not every judge in USA knows
what ADA is all about!



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