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DeafDigest – 01 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 1, 2019

— hassles of being a deaf contestant on a TV program

A deaf person wanted to be a contestant on a TV program;
a few would succeed but most don’t. The biggest hassle
is the relay service. Contest directors would telephone
the contestants, asking questions about their background
and qualifications, etc. Hearing contestants can deal
directly with these voice calls; deaf contestants need
to explain their deafness and the need to reach them
via the relay service. This can be difficult for hearing
contest directors that do not understand the needs of
the deaf in communications.


— oops, an accidential invention

Several companies have said that they have
invented the see-through surgical masks to
allow deaf doctors as well as deaf patients
to lipread during medical procedures.
Well, one inventor said he invented it
not for the benefit of the deaf but for
hearing children! The inventor felt
hearing children would feel comfortable
when doctors use see-through masks and not
masks that block their faces! True or not


— solving the problem of different signs for same word

A company has hired about 15 deaf people but
they were employed in different locations.
When these deaf employees communicate with
each other on video, their signs for the same
word were different. This has created workplace
confusion. As a result the company owner, not
deaf, established a sign language class for all
employees to make sure all employees used one
sign for each word!


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