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DeafDigest – 03 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 3, 2019

— a mess at an airport

Air Canada messed up big time at the airport
in Detroit. A deaf passenger was waiting to
board his flight. Suddenly the gate entrance
changed. Hearing passengers knew about it.
The deaf passenger did not know about it.
The plane took off without him. He previously
told the flight personnel of his deafness and
told them to send text messages to him, but they
never did. He boarded the next day but the
first day excitement of arriving at his
destination (Rome, Italy) was missed. He
had to wait for his lost luggage plus
paying up nearly $2,000 to re-book his
missed flight. His family is planning to take
legal action against the airline for ignoring
his deafness.


— hearing aid vs cochlear implant

Which is best for a deaf person – a hearing
aid or a CI? An audiologist explained that
hearing aid is for those that are either
moderately or mildly deaf and the CI is
best for severely or profoundly deaf.
It is not a perfect response, though.


— a bad joke about an automobile horn

A new automobile horn arrived at a new car
dealership. The horn was described as so
loud that a deaf person could jump
five feet up in the air upon hearing the
sound. Fact or a joke? Probably a
joke since this story appeared in a
newspaper 110 years ago (1909).



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