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DeafDigest – 04 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 4, 2019

— pocket pictures of signs

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center is distributing
a pocket-sized picture of signs for the officers
of the Colorado Springs Police Department.
Will it work? Hope so – not every deaf person
knows sign language; the pocket guide has
30 different signs, forcing the police
officer to scan all around for the right
sign with the right picture; and even
looking at the right picture the police
officer may wrongly use the sign!
What is the best way? Simple, find an


— our successful deaf people

We have successful deaf people that are well
known – Marlee Matlin, Nyle DiMarco, past NBA
player Lance Allred, past NFL player Derrick
Coleman, past baseball player Curtis Pride
plus millions and millions of deaf people that
hold down successful jobs, homes, family lives,
etc. Yet there always millions of hearing
people that think deaf people cannot read,
cannot write, cannot drive cars, cannot
find jobs, cannot have children, cannot
deposit checks at banks, cannot go to
college, and so on. We are not afraid
of hearing people, yet there are many
hearing people that are afraid of us!
Very sad.


— Life and Deaf

Again mentioning Marleee Matlin, it was
announced she will star in an upcoming
Disney comedy – Life and Deaf. Plus she is
the Executive Producer, the boss! She
supervises the producer, watches the money,
makes sure the production follows the
deadline and the quality of acting is
satisfactory. This is more responsibility
than just being an actor.



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