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DeafDigest – 05 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 5, 2019

— cruel irony with the upcoming 2019 elections

A cruel irony is going on with the upcoming
2019 elections. Yes, all candidates, regardless
of party affiliation, say they support the
ADA – yet their own websites are not deaf
friendly! Vox, a web site devoted to daily
news, made that accusation in today’s edition.


— Deaf Therapy on-line

National Deaf Therapy has set up an on-line
therapy, dealing with deaf clients in need
of counseling. While it is not the same as
one-on-one ASL-signing counseling or as
one-on-on interpreted counseling, it may
just possibly be the solution for deaf
that live in rural areas and need counseling.


— anti-deaf Russian scientist

Denis Rebrikov is a Russian biologist; he feels
he can do some gene-editing to allow deaf couples
to have hearing children instead of deaf children.
Eugenics? Genetics experts have said that Rebrikov’s
idea is very risky. And even worse, what if these
deaf couples eventually bear deaf children, despite
Rebrikov’s promises?



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