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DeafDigest – 08 July 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 8, 2019

— A culinary school says no to the deaf

A deaf person wanted to enroll at a culinary
school, hoping to become a chef some day.
The school said – no, cannot accept the deaf
because of safety issues in the kitchen.
That deaf person went ahead and established
a successful restaurant. Culinary school
important or being self-taught important?
Well, we have a list of successful deaf
chefs and restaurant owners that never went
to culinary schools! They either taught
themselves or learned from experienced chefs.


— love between the deaf and the robot

Do deaf people and robots get along?
The spokesperson at the Robotics Lab
at the university Department of Systems
says 80 percent of deaf people that used
robots love these non-humans!


— honest deaf and dishonest hearing

A past government official said that for his
nation to prevent corruption (bribes and being
“blind” to illegal activities) the best thing
is to hire the deaf and train them to stop such
activities. He said the trained deaf would not
allow such illegal activities. Who said that?
An American official? No, an official from Kenya!



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